"A world-class enterprises, the quality of moving customers" spirit of enterprise, improve the scientific management mechanism and innovative corporate culture, will be with the fast development with customers, competition in the future, the company will be 100 times Zhenfei constantly rising confidence and the spirit of innovation , to build itself into a more premium brand in the domestic and international modern enterprise. Guzhen Fei Hui thanked the company's new and old customers! Happiness spread their wings to your window!
Business purpose: to create a world-class enterprise, quality moving customers
The spirit of enterprise: the courage to forge ahead, dare to take risks, focus on innovation, people-oriented
Enterprise Quality: The product as the carrier, the constant pursuit of excellence, with a time into the business philosophy, to provide customers with quality and efficient services
Development Goals: implementation of science and technology enterprises and sustainable development strategies, tracking the world's most cutting-edge technology to provide customers with the highest quality products and services

Zhenfei company from birth, the blood is flowing nature of innovation. I am now full steam ahead square Zhenfei character. Leading respect, outdated as humble. "Beyond" thinking penetrated into every day Zhenfei production, development and sales activities. Pioneers, and surpass the competition, the spirit of enterprise beyond the self vibration trapeze offers great spiritual power.

The customer is God. Customers want is what we want to develop, customers want what we want to produce. Customer-centric, to meet and exceed the needs of customers, providing customers with quality products. High quality is not what we pursue. Use low-quality products to help people who are entrepreneurial, let them pursue their dreams on the road are not alone, there are vibration trapeze fraternal meticulous care and help create value for them.

Globalization, the international division of labor so that the world's industrial manufacturing base in Ningbo. However, the production does not mean quality. And differences in the quality of foreign enterprises, always reminding trapeze vibration and improve quality so that "Zhenfei" reverberates global brand. Tracking the world's most cutting-edge manufacturing technology, digestion, absorption, and to be innovative, let Zhenfei grow together with China, for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and make its due contribution!

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